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Blackjack's Origin

Blackjack came to the western world by way of France. It is one of the many things that the French introduced into the world which causes some people high anxiety, but there are those who just love the game. A group of mathematicians got together back in the 1960’s that came up with a combination of card hands, how to bet at which time depending on what was on the table and what you are holding. It is commonly used and referred to as basic blackjack strategy.

Even when perfect blackjack strategy is used the house edge is still over one percent. There is another method of cutting down the house advantage; it doesn’t work one hundred percent of the time but over a longer period of time it does pay back more than you lose. It’s a method of counting cards. This sounds complicated but it is really simple as it is sort of like factoring a set of numbers to come up with the LCD. Let’s say you are playing at a table with four other people plus the dealer. The cards showing are jack, five, three, ace, seven, and the dealer up card is eight; setting a scale as follows: 2 thru 6 = +1, 7 thru 9 = 0 and 10 thru A = 1. You add the pluses and subtract the minuses; in this case so far there result is zero. When the hole card is up you do the same thing. If you arrive at a ten or higher then look at the shoe and estimate how many decks are left. Divide your count by the decks remaining. If your count is high it is an indication of the remaining cards being high, and you have a greater percentage of hitting a Blackjack. If the count is low this indicates that the remaining cards are low and you are running a higher risk of busting so you bet less.

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