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Online Blackjack's Difference

Online blackjack is pretty much the same thing as playing casino blackjack with a few minor differences. Online blackjack gives you the freedom to play from your own home without the distractions of a big casino. It is very easy in a large casino to get distracted by other players, cocktail waitresses, alcohol, the dealer, etc. When you play blackjack online you avoid all of those potential distractions. You also have the convenience of playing at your own pace without distractions, and can concentrate on making your blackjack play profitable and that is really important.

The rules for playing online blackjack are very similar at whatever casino you choose to play at. Most online casinos have the dealer hit when they have 16 or less and stand when they have 17 or more. Some casinos allow the dealer to hit a soft 17 to give them a higher percentage. The dealer’s strategy is fixed but yours is not. You can make adjustments based on many factors and that is what can give you a chance to make a profit. You can try out whatever strategies you choose and try them for free or for real money when playing at an online casino.

Take a look at playing online blackjack today and enjoy one of the most popular online casino games.

Posted: Jul 1, 2009


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