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Online Blackjack Side Bets

Did you know that you can make side bets when you play blackjack? Let’s look at some of the most common online blackjack side bets and the payouts at the online casino.

Lucky Ladies
This is where you make a hand totaling 20. If you make 20 with a pair and one of the cards is a Queen of Hearts then the payoff is 125-1. If you get a pair totaling 20 with the Queen of Hearts and the dealer has blackjack then your payout is 1000-1. If you happen to get a pair that totals 20 that is matched and suited the payout is 19-1 while a suited 20 is 20-1. An unsuited pair that totals 20 pays 4-1.

This is where you bet on whether your first card is higher or lower than the dealer’s card.

Super Sevens
This side bet is all about getting the 7 as your first, second and third card. You can make this side bet and get paid at 3-1 if your first card is a 7. You can make the side bet that your first two cards are 7’s and get paid at 50-1. You can even make a side bet on getting suited sevens with a 100-1 payout. And three sevens would be a 500-1 payout.

Royal Match
If the first two cards you get are a suited King and Queen then you hit a Royal Match

Over/Under 13
This side bet is actually kind of fun as you are betting on whether your first two cards will total over or under 13. Aces count as 1 with this bet.

Pair Square
This bet is simple as if your first two cards are a pair then you win. If they are suited then you win even more.

Sweet Sixteen
This bet sounds like a college basketball bet but it is actually a bet where you get paid if you get 16 or more on your first two cards.

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