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Money Management Tips
November 2, 2008

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and is enjoyed by millions of online gamblers who love the challenge of going up against the dealer and trying to get to “Twenty-One,” which is the other name that this game is referred to. Online gambling has opened an entire new chapter into the saga of blackjack players and their ability to play their favorite game.

The first thing to keep in mind about online blackjack is that you will play significantly more hands per hour, and thus make a lot more bets per hour, then is the case at an on-site in-person casino. This leads to the issue of discipline and how critical it is at an online blackjack table. Now, add to the fact that there are a lot of players that play numerous blackjack hands at the same time at different tables online and you only add to the concern about discipline and money management. If a blackjack player is not careful at an online casino he can get wiped out in short order. It’s almost like binge betting and a gambler really has to guard himself from that trap of online casino blackjack.

For success at online blackjack a player should have a disciplined and fundamental approach. It isn’t enough for a player to show up and play with decent fundamentals if he does not have a money management plan, however. Without money management you have no chance at success at any form of online gambling but especially online blackjack.

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