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Microgaming Makes Blackjack with a Twist into a Huge Hit

Blackjack is one of the most popular of all games that can be found at a casino whether it be online or in person at a traditional brick and mortar casino.

Microgaming is one of the leading online casino software providers and is world renowned for its innovative technology and creativity.

When you combine the great game of blackjack with an awesome online gaming software developer such as Microgaming the possibilities become unlimited.

While it has become a great challenge for many online casino software providers to come up with new twists on blackjack Microgaming has done just that with a highly entertaining and effective enhancement that has drawn significant praise as well as increased traffic.

Microgaming’s blackjack twist allows players to make a side bet but only if they are also involved in the actual game itself. The side bet is for additional action for players in the blackjack game that think that they can maximize their potential winnings or perhaps even hedge.

The side bet is based on a calculation of the hand value that is done based on the first two cards that are dealt to the player within normal blackjack rules with one exception being that the ace can only count as 1 and not also 11.

The three side bets are hi 13, low 13 and 13. The 13 hi and 13 low will pay out at even money while the straight exact 13 pays out at 10/1 odds.

This added strategy and excitement to an already popular game has proven to be a big hit with blackjack players and enhances Microgaming’s status as a leading industry innovator.

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