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Making Blackjack Decisions

If you are an avid online blackjack player you undoubtedly know that there are tough decisions to make with certain hands that come up every time you play. The percentages might say one thing, but your feelings say another thing. What should you do? Let’s look at some examples and go through the process of making a decision.

Let’s start with the three-card soft hands. Remember a soft hand is any hand with an Ace. Let’s say you have anything between 13 and 17. You always hit no matter what the dealer has. If you stand on these hands it is a mistake. You can do nothing but improve your position in the long run. If you have a soft 18 you should stand if the dealer’s card is 8 or lower and hit if it is higher. You always stand on a soft 19 or soft 20 no matter what.

What about insurance? Some people like to take insurance when they have blackjack against a dealer’s Ace. The problem with doing this is that in the long run it is a losing proposition. You do get paid even money every time you take insurance in this situation, but most of the time the dealer will not have Blackjack.

Those are just a few of the online blackjack decisions you will be making on a regular basis, so make the right choices.


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