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Blackjack, A Game of Chance?

Many players of blackjack approach the game as a game of chance. For some that is exactly what it is; these set aside enough funds to have a good time at the gaming tables. These people go to the online casino to spend their money and have an entertaining experience. There is no remorse for losing at a gaming table, If one should win then all the more glorious the experience. With this group of people there are no losers.

There is however another group of people who study blackjack like it was the Bible. These people look at the game as a profession. There are some common strategies that most know, which include: When and when not to split, and the splitting strategies that are associated with that move. Shuffle tracking, and card counting. Blackjack is governed by probability. So where does the gambling come in? When one thinks he or she has the probability random order figured out and are willing bet money they are right.

Let’s look at the strategy of probability. There are fifty two cards one is playing with. The odds of drawing any number card thru nine are four in fifty two, but the ten is sixteen in fifty two because all face cards are counted as ten. The probability of drawing a ten is nearly thirty one percent. This is where the house has an advantage some of the time and a big disadvantage the rest of the time. The dealer, according to the rules has to hit on sixteen or lower, the player does not. Probability says it will be the player who goes over twenty one because of a lack of discipline.

Blackjack just might be more than a game of chance to you the next time you play at the online casino.

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