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Few games offer the appeal of Blackjack and the online version of the game also known as “twenty-one” has brought in a stream of gamblers who live to play this simple and yet also complex card game.

Blackjack is the game in which gamblers try to come as close to scoring “21” as possible without going over that number, which is called going “bust.”

There have been countless strategy books written about Blackjack and you can find even more advice and tips on the internet but the fact remains that the game is very basic in strategy and success comes down more to money management and discipline.

The big and fatal mistake that many Blackjack players make is going with a “feeling” rather than with the mathematical logic. For example when a Blackjack player asks to be dealt another card when he is holding a score of 16, it is a near suicidal request and yet one that is frequently made based on a “gut feeling” or the hope of becoming “lucky.” This is the type of bet and attitude that keeps casinos in business. No feeling in the world can overcome mathematical physics and the fundamental law of the odds.

The best Blackjack players accept the odds and the reality of the game and work within the system rather than defying it. In other words they prefer to try and fly a jet rather than to jump off a building to see if they can get lucky and fly.

In the end the best Blackjack players will use bankroll management and maintain discipline within the odds and save their bullets (chips) for when they have the winning hand and therefore be alive and in the game to take advantage of it.


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