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Card Counting in Online Blackjack

Can you really count cards and get an advantage when playing blackjack? Most people don’t make any money at card counting and that includes the people that do it at the land-based casinos. The main reasons that people don’t make money at card counting are that it is hard work and most casinos use multiple decks.

There are various systems for card counting but none work that well because most online casinos use multiple decks and that makes card counting less helpful. Single deck games are rare in online blackjack and even if you find a single deck game it doesn’t guarantee you will win. There are too many people that ignore other factors like streaks and money management.

If you want to use card counting in online blackjack and make it profitable you first have to find a single-deck game and then you have to be well prepared. You have to be disciplined and practice good money management and most people don’t do that.

Another problem with card counting in online blackjack that almost everyone forgets about is that even if you do it perfectly, which very few people do, the edge you gain over the house is less than 2%. That sounds like a lot of work for a very small edge. You also have to remember that if you make mistakes at card counting that the advantage is gone and most every card counter makes mistakes. The bottom line in card counting is that it sounds a lot better than it really is.

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