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Blackjack is among the most popular online casino games that generate a significant amount of traffic and playing action with a wide variety of players who like to take part. The fact that so many online casino gambling websites get loaded blackjack tables has served to help players in their ability to get great bonuses for sign ups, referrals, and loyalty play. That is all good and is an incentive to take up this great and popular game but the problem that continues to plague online blackjack players remains their lack of discipline and inability to respect the odds.

Blackjack, also known as “21” is a simple game in which you do not want to score higher than the total amount of cards that equal 21. It is a game with hard fundamental rules to abide by and respect and yet far too few players respect that discipline is required and that discipline begins with a total respect of the odds and that they are not to be defied. You simply cannot outsmart the laws of mathematics and are a fool and a guaranteed loser if you try.

Part of what leads into not following the fundamentals and respect of the mathematical percentages and odds is “hunch” or “feel” bets that are based purely on emotion or misguided intuition rather than facts and logic. There are a lot of players that have gone bust with their hands, let along bankrolls, based on the absurd notion that they will hit a small percentage bet based on “this is my day” and similar “thoughts.”

Winning at blackjack begins with respect of self and of the game and its physics.

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