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Blackjack Surrender

A variety of blackjack that can be played at some online casinos is Blackjack Surrender. Let’s take a look at this game and the strategy for when you should surrender.

When you play Blackjack Surrender at the online casino you will have the option of surrendering your hand and losing only half of your original wager. You get the option to surrender after the dealer has checked to see if he has blackjack.

Even though it sounds great to surrender and only lose half of your original wager in blackjack, there are really not that many times when you want to do it. Let’s look at those situations where surrendering is your best option.

Surrender when you have 15 vs. dealer’s up card of 10, face card or ace
Surrender when you have 16 vs. the dealer’s card of 9, 10, face card or ace
Surrender when you hold 17 vs. a dealer’s up card of ace
Surrender when you have 8, 8 vs. a dealer’s up card of ace

There are actually two types of Blackjack Surrender, Early Surrender and Late Surrender with the only difference being when you can surrender with Early Surrender giving you the chance to surrender before the dealer checks his hand for blackjack. While that sounds great, the most common type of Blackjack Surrender at all casinos is Late Surrender where you have the surrender option only after the dealer has checked for blackjack.

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