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Blackjack Super 7

A variation of blackjack available at some online casinos is Super 7. Let’s look at this interesting blackjack game.

The main difference with the Super 7 version of blackjack is that you get the choice of whether or not to place a wager on the Super 7 bet. Most online casinos will use a six deck shoe with the Super 7 version of online blackjack and the game is the same except for the Super 7 bet. The dealer will normally stand on 17 and hit on 16 and below. Blackjack pays the normal 3-2 when you play the Super 7 version of online blackjack.

The Super 7 bet lets you wager anywhere from $1 to $10. It is a separate wager and is settled separately from the blackjack wager. What you are looking for with a Super 7 wager is to get dealt 7’s.

If your first card is a 7 of any suit the payout is 3-1. If the first and second cards are 7’s then the payout is a nice 50-1. If you happen to get two 7’s that are also the same suit then the payout is 100-1. If your first three cards are 7’s then the payout is 500-1 and if you happen to get your first three cards that are all 7’s of the same suit then you get a payout of 5000-1.

You probably already realize that in the long run the Super 7 bet is a bad one because the odds are stacked against you but if you want to add some excitement to your game or if you are feeling lucky then you might want to take a shot.

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