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Blackjack Strategies to Avoid

Many people have different strategies that they use when playing blackjack. Some of the strategies are solid but there are some that are not. Let’s take a look at a few blackjack strategies you want to avoid.

Don’t Follow the Dealer
If you want to win money playing online blackjack you can’t play the same way the dealer does. There are people who think that if you use the same rules the dealer uses that the house won’t have an edge but that is not true. The dealer has rules that they have to follow which are very simple like hitting on 16 and lower and standing on 17 or over. You can’t use those rules and make money though because you have to act before the dealer does. The dealer will always have the edge because he acts last. You will oftentimes bust before the dealer even has to play.

Safe Doesn’t Work
If you play strictly a safe strategy you won’t do as well in the long run at blackjack. The safe strategy is that you hit on anything 11 or under and stay on anything 12 to 16. Just take a look at perfect blackjack strategy and you will see that standing on 12-16 when the dealer is showing a face card or an ace is a long term loser.

Never Take Insurance
The insurance bet is a bad one because the edge is with the house. More often than not the dealer will not have blackjack. Forget about taking insurance when playing online blackjack and you will save yourself some money.

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