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Blackjack Percentages

Did you know that blackjack is a game of percentages? You must play very good strategy to have any kind of a chance at success when you play online blackjack. The long-term numbers are much better for people who play smart strategy over those who do not.

Before you start playing online blackjack you should take some time and memorize some of the strategies you will need to know. You don’t want to be thinking about decisions when you have to make them. For example, what do you do when the dealer is showing a deuce in blackjack? Many people will stay every single time but you can make a case for actually hitting every single time. The hands that you could stand on when the dealer is showing a deuce are A-7, A-8, and A-9 and obviously you would stand with 17 or greater as well but too many players will stand with other hands like 12, 13 and 14.

Another example of knowing blackjack strategy is what to do in regards to splitting. Should you bet splitting aces, sevens, eights or nines? There are some basic strategy rules that will tell you what to do in each situation and you need to know them before you are faced with decisions in online blackjack.

It is all a matter of percentages when you play online blackjack. The better decisions you make, the better your chances of winning money will be.

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