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Blackjack Challenge
January 2, 2009

Online blackjack tables are some of the most sought after in all of online casino gambling. Blackjack itself is one of the most popular games in all of gambling and an online casino only serves to take it to the next level.

Blackjack is the popular card game also referred to as "Twenty-One" that is both simple and complex and yet always exciting and breathtaking. The goal is for the gambler to come as close to the number twenty-one in his score/playing hand without going over, which is known as "bust."

The gambler is matched up against the dealer in blackjack. The initial draw to start the game is two cards to the player. An ace can count for either one point or ten, a king, queen, or jack each count for ten points, and then the numeric cards count for their own exact numeric amount, (such as a five counting for five points). The suit of a card is irrelevant at blackjack. After the gambler is dealt his initial hand he can decide whether or not to ask for another card. If the gambler were dealt a two and a three he most definitely would want another card. However, if a gambler was dealt a king and a nine for nineteen points, he would likely play that hand. The middle range numbers are where blackjack gets most intriguing as far as strategy.

Online blackjack offers tables for all kinds of limits and amounts to appeal to every player. You will find online blackjack exciting and challenging!

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