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The Biggest Blackjack Strategy Mistake

Do you want to know the biggest mistake that players make when playing blackjack? It is that they don’t consistently practice basic strategy. Sometimes players will do exactly as they should when playing online blackjack but sometimes they won’t. There will be times when they just have this feeling that they should hit or stand so they go against the basic strategy. That is the beginning of the end for them at the blackjack table because win or lose, they will discard blackjack strategy and go with their feelings instead with future hands.

Some people believe that learning blackjack strategy is hard but it isn’t. There are even blackjack charts you can look at to show you the exact decisions you should make. There are 169 possible hands you can get in blackjack and over 82% of them are hard hands (No ace in them) so eventually you will memorize what to do in each situation without the chart but there is no rule saying you can’t use the chart as both in-person and online casinos allow them.

If you want to win more money at blackjack then you must follow basic strategy. Yes, it is hard to hit that 15 or 16 rather than stand but sometimes you simply have to do it. Players that won’t make the hard decisions and follow basic blackjack strategy are doomed to fail in the end. If you want to stand out and improve your online blackjack play, then practice basic blackjack strategy with every hand you play.

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